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We are committed to a personalized approach in assisting to customers and in most cases, we come to you to allow you to focus on core business activities.

Outsourced bookkeeping includes:

• Bank Reconciliation
• Trial Balance sheet preparation
• Financial Statement preparation
• General Ledger Maintenance
• Account Receivable
• Account Payable
• Payroll processing


A&G Bookkeeping offers an indispensable service that eliminates clerical errors and allows the payroll to be done in an expeditious manner. Consequently, the year-end reporting work is quick and simple.

• Instant paychecks
• Direct deposit ( Optional)
• Automatic tax calculations
• Federal and State tax forms completed
• Electronically file and pay taxes
• Reminders when taxes and forms are due
• Year-end W2s
• Pay employees and contractors
• Account Payable
• Payroll processing


• Employment, sales
• Homeowners’ associations
• Nonprofits
• Partnerships and LLCs
• Corporations (“S” and “C”)
• Individuals (Federal and all states) tax and property tax returns